Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Selebriti Hollywood Tertangkap Kamera Tanpa Make UP

wow!! mo lihat gan wajah para selebriti Hollywood yang selalu tampil cantik seksi glamour jika mereka tampil tanpa polesan make up. Ternyata jauh banget gan.. hehehe.. bingung gak nyangka bener bener jauh buangeeeetik.. mereka terlihat biasa saja jika tak bermake UP. Gak percaya coba sama agan agan semuanya disimak dan perhatikan tampang tampang mereka di foto foto bawah ini jamin pasti agan kaget melihat bintang seksi pujaan agan???

Monggo langsung disimak aja ya gan, jamin kaget bin terkejut dah, ternyata buat mereka semuanya make UP itu berpengaruh sangat besar bagi penampilan memukau mereka selama ini ??? Dahsyat banget dah ternyata pengaruhnya..
Inilah Wajah Asli Para Bintang Seksi : Selebriti Hollywood Tertangkap Kamera Tanpa Make UP [FOTO] (3)
Trudie Styler
and Sting’s wife Trudie Styler is perfectly happy sans concealer.
Amber Valletta
Whoa there! Sunscreen is your friend, Amber Valletta.
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich looks a bit weary but otherwise still as stunning as ever …
Spencer Grammer
while ‘Greek’ star Spencer Grammer could use some foundation STAT.
Amanda Peet
and Amanda Peet tries to cover herself up with sunglasses.
Meg Ryan
Even without lipstick, Meg Ryan can’t hide her trout pout …
Bridget Moynahan
but Bridget Moynahan need no makeup to look stunning.
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson may be fresh-faced, but she certainly doesn’t look well-rested.
Kim Kardashian
Where are the fake eyelashes and the heavy-handed tan? Kim Kardashian is barely recognizable – and yet almost more beautiful – without her face on. Here’s to hoping the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star sees that her natural beauty is far more alluring than her sex kitten look.
Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan looks more like the crypt monster than a man-eater on Wisteria Lane.
Uma Thurman
Yikes! It doesn’t take much to make Uma Thurman look ravishing, but with glasses, no makeup, and unkempt hair, it’d be hard for anyone to look good.
Tyra Bank
Tyra Bank, please take the advice you give every cycle on ‘America’s Next Top Model’: less is more. Layoff the alien paint once and for all. At least she’s smising! Speaking of what it takes to be a ‘Top Model,’ …
Janice Dickinson


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